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Dafos - Airto/Hart/Purim

Poster unknown

This is a weird one, kind of like @ the Edge. Exotic, alot of different cultural styles, some Beam. Might want to listen to it before you shell out the bucks to get it on disk, but I like it. (p.s. don't fall asleep to it... one song uses the Beast, and begins with a really loug drum beat that sound just like an explosion outside to the freshly sleeping mind).

Dafos is remarkable. I think it was done about the time Mickey'd had the Beam long enough to feel comfortable with it. This one needs a good stereo and good speakers.

Almost purely percussion. This is extremely well recorded. It is great for testing speakers or making the house shake... good if you want to become a percussion head.

Mr. Charlie : Originally the term for a boss or overseer, "Mr. Charlie" is now black slang in the South and elsewhere for a white man or white people in general; also "Charlie," "Charles," "Chuck."

from _Whistling Dixie : A Dictionary of Southern Expressions_ (Facts on File, 1993)

The Grateful Dead - GD (Warner Bro. W 1689) their first lp. It was released in mono. The original releases were on the gold Warner Brothers label. Released on March 17, 1967. The cryptic lettering above the words "Grateful Dead" reads: "In the land of the dark, the ship of the sun is driven by the Grateful Dead". Most of the tracks were recorded in a span of five days (Monday night through Friday night, mixed on Saturday afternoon) at RCA Studio A in Hollywood, CA, and produced by Dave Hassinger, a Warner Brothers staff production engineer. "The Golden Road (To Unlimited Devotion)" was recorded later at Coast Recorders, at 960 Bush Street in San Francisco. This tune had about 60 takes; the album version includes an overdub of Bill Kreutzmann drumming on the strings of Garcia's guitar while Garcia is fingering the chords. "The Golden Road" was the working title for this album, but was changed. The founders of the Grateful Dead's Fan Club, "The Golden Road To Unlimited Devotion" were Sue Swanson, Connie Furtado, and Bob Matthews (who later engineered and produced a number of the band's live and studio releases). The Fan Club sold posters, buttons, and Pigpen t-shirts for $2.50. "Alice D. Millionaire" and "Tastebud", a blues number featuring Pigpen on vocals, were probably recorded for the album but were not released. "McGannahan Skjellyfetti" was the pseudonym used by the band as the author's name for the group compositions ("The Golden Road" and "Cream Puff War"). "McGannahan Skjellyfetti" was a character, the protagonist's 'literary agent', in Kenneth Patchen's "Memoirs Of A Shy Pornographer", published in 1945.

The Grateful Dead - GD (Warner Bro. WS 1689) their first lp. It was also released in stereo. The original releases were on the gold Warner Brothers label. Released on March 17, 1967. Also on CD.

Aside: "McGannahan was a cat who lived with Pigpen who used to scratch out music notation in his kitty litter. Phil discovered it one day and the rest is history."

Terrapin Station - GD (Arista AL 7001) Released on July 27, 1977. Also released as ALB-8329. Also on CD as ARCD 8065. "Samson And Delilah" is based on an old spiritual, and played in a style close to Reverend Gary Davis's. One of the songs from the "Terrapin" suite, "Equinox", by Lesh, with Garcia on lead vocals, was recorded but never released, as there was not enough room on that side of the record to include it. Mickey Hart's timbale solo on "Terrapin Flyer" was erased by Keith Olsen and replaced with strings.

Terrapin Station - GD (Arista AL 7001) Released on July 27, 1977. There is a "Specially Banded For Airplay" version with the "Terrapin" side pressed with bands separating the songs.

Terrapin Station - GD (Direct Disk Labs SD 16619) high quality pressing in 1979.

Show sources for Without a Net

This is what John Wood said on the subject some time ago:


Feel Like A Stranger - Hampton 10/9/89

Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo - Hamilton 3/21/90

Walkin' Blues - Charlotte 10/23/89 *****

Althea - Cap Centre 3/15/90

Cassidy - Oakland 2/25/90 *****

Bird Song - Albany 3/25/90 ***** (Some had thought that this version was from 3/16/90 Cap Centre, but DeadBase timings indicate otherwise...still, why wasn't the Nassau Branford version on it???)

Let It Grow - Cap Centre 3/14/90

China->Rider - Atlanta 4/1/90

Looks Like Rain - Nassau 3/28/90

Eyes Of The World - Nassau 3/29/90

Victim Or The Crime - Hamilton 3/21/90

Help On The Way->Slipknot!->Franklin's Tower - Nassau 3/30/90

One More Saturday Night - Albany 3/24/90

Dear Mr. Fantasy - Atlanta 4/1/90

***** - Indicates guess (meaning that I'm probably incorrect, and that somebody out there can give the correct mistake).

Ugly Rumors

From: (David Gans)
Subject: Re: Mars Hotel "Ugly Rumors"
Date: 7 Aug 93 19:15:18 GMT
In article <> (Lesh Filling) writes:
>Hi All,
>       I have a question about the Mars Hotel album.  The odd writing at the 
>top of the cover, when shown in a mirror and turned upside down spells the
>words "Ugly Rumors".  My question is why, what does this mean.

It doesn't have to "mean" anything, of course. it was Stanley Mouse's idea. And as someone else pointed out, it's a pun on "Ugly roomers," as depicted in the photo on the back cover - a real photo of the real GD by Andy Leonard which Stanley then mutated.

From: (Steve Milewski)
Subject: Re: Dead Plates
Date: 14 Jul 1993 15:09:27 GMT

The best plate/set-up I've seen so far is on a van that we saw when we were down for the Sacramento shows in May...

Washington State Plates which said, "NW CRNR".

That was pretty good from a distance until we got closer and saw custom made plate frames which had across the top,"From The" and the bottom line read, "of a brand new crescent moon".


And speaking of not wasting time....did anyone see the shirts at RFK with the

Jurrassic Park style logo, lettering, and colors. The T-Rex skeleton had a hit of blotter on his tounge and below that it read "Jerry's Acid Park"


From: (Ken Weeks)
Subject: Richard Brautigan
Date: Fri, 16 Jul 1993 16:12:08 GMT

The Day They Busted the Grateful Dead

- by Richard Brautigan

The day they busted the Grateful Dead
rain stormed against San Francisco
like hot swampy scissors cutting Justice
into the evil clothes that alligators wear.
The day they busted the Grateful Dead
was like a flight of winged alligators
carefully measuring marble with black
rubber telescopes.
The day they busted the Grateful Dead
turned like the wet breath of alligators
blowing up ballons the size of the
Hall of Justice

- From _The_Pill_Versus_The_Springhill_Mine_Disaster,
copyright 1968, Richard Brautigan

[excerpt from] To Be At Liberty
An Essay for Public Television

Text by John Perry Barlow
Video production by Todd Rundgren

The Internet is also creating a new place...many call it Cyberspace...where new communities like Pinedale can form. The big difference will be that these Cyberspace communities will be possible among people whose bodies are located in many different places in the world.

Direct communication should breed understanding and tolerance. Our fears will be far easier to check out. We may begin to understand that these distant and sometimes alien creatures are real people whose rights are directly connected to our own.

Elmer Fudd Dark Star

>>does anybody know offhand when the last Dark Star was before this show? I've
>>heard it's like twenty years, but I wanna find out when the last one was...
>It was sometime in 1984 at the Berkeley Greeks.  I had tickets, but couldn't
>make it out there.  They did it as an encore, with visuals on a screen behind
>them.  I still kick myself when I listen to that tape for not going.

Yes, that's the famous Elmer Fudd dark star. You know, Dawk Staw cwashes, po-wing its wight into ashes, mirrow shattews, the forces tear woose from the axis, sooch wight casting for faults in the cwouds of dewusion... etc. Jerry never sounded more exhausted.


[webmaster's note: This would be 7/13/84 Greek Theatre]

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