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While browsing through the thousands of files on my hard drive, I discovered the following "clippings" collected from the usenet newsgroup rec.music.gdead. Many of which I feel are worth re-sharing with the Internet community of Dead Heads.

Unfortunately, I did not always "clip" the header information and cannot provide proper acknowledgment to those who posted some of these treasures. Whenever possible, I have included as much information on the poster and the date. Some of the posting and threads are incomplete.

This site is under construction as I continue to excavate my hard drive files. So check in every now and then and see if anything new tickles your fancy. Feel free to contact me (BusStop@kazart.com).

I hope you enjoy. . .

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Skeletons from the Net

Table of Contents

Magazine Articles
Posted by dedicated typists wishing to share the wealth
[Updated ]
Newspaper Clippings
Articles from local papers regarding the boyz & us the Deadheads
[Updated ]
Stage Banter
Laborously transcribed from tapes
[Updated ]
Tune Background
Information on the songs we know and love
[Updated ]
Wit & Imagination
Samples of the creative powers lurking on the net
[Updated ]
Odds & Ends
Some really interesting stuff here
[Updated ]
Dead Archives
An annotated guide to the Grateful Dead Archives at gdead.berkeley.edu
[Updated ]
Autzen 1993
Reflections on the Dead's visit to Eugene, OR August 1993
[Updated ]