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Playboy Interview w/J. Garcia Pt. 15

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Organization: University of California; Santa Cruz
Reprinted without permission from Playboy, March 1972...

GRATEFUL DEAD I HAVE KNOWN (pt. 15) by Ed McClanahan

"When I talk about musicians, I'm talkin' about people who make music, not just people who are technically perfect. Music bein' That Thing Which Gets You Off, I mean that's just my definition of that word. And when you're playin', and really Gettin' Off that way, it's like when you're drivin' downa road past an orchard, you know, and you look out and at first all you can see is just another woods, a bunch of trees all jumbled up together, like there's no form to is, it's chaos. But the you come up to a certain point and suddenly -- zing!zing!zing! -- there it is, the order, the trees all lined up perfectly no matter which way you look, so you can see the real shape of the orchard! I mean you know what I mean? And as you move along, it gets away from you, it turns back into chaos again, but now it doesn't matter, because now you understand, I mean now you know the secret..."


Want ad in the Berkeley Barb:

Grateful Dead freak, 16,
wants to write same,
long-hair only, guy in Bay Area.
No gay. Need love, warmth.
Titus Canby, Box 700, Milpitas, Calif. 95035.
Any age.

Hmmmm, lemme see now ... "Dear Titus: I am a 38-going-on-39-year-old long-hair Grateful Dead Freak, no gay, and ..."

Well, folks, that's it. I hope you've enjoyed this article (yep, it's all really just one! McClanahan is verbose!). I've enjoyed sharing it with you. It seems that several themes currently or recently in threads here are addressed... shouting and clapping at shows, nitrous, band member's personal lives, musicians other than the dead hanging out at shows, just to name a few, surface here veggie burritos, , tho! ;-)
While it may be argued that I shared this article just to avoid addressing my thesis, I've actually made excellent progress on that the past few days. Actually, I decided that I needed some ODC in my response to Jess' remark about her BG tix costing "an arm and a leg" ... how are you going to run on one leg, Jess, or dance for that matter!?! ;-) ... and well, I just got inspired to share this, as many of you may not have even been born when it was published. I must confess, I didn't check the length before I started, but never a quitter (well, almost never) I decided to persevere. My apologies to uninterested parties on the digestifier.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I must get on with this thesis thing. May be in 20 years, I'll enter the entire special edition of Guitar Player, if this club still exists. ;-)
Have a nice day!

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