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John Perry Barlow by Lisa Greim (20 Kb)

COGNITIVE DISSIDENT: John Perry Barlow '69 rides fences on the electronic frontier by Lisa Greim '81
(written for Wesleyan magazine, an alumni publication)
To the surprise of many who know him, John Perry Barlow '69 has become respectable. In the last six years, Barlow, 46, has evolved from Wyoming cattle rancher into one of the nation's most outspoken computer experts and defenders of the right to digital freedom. He and Lotus Development Corp. founder Mitchell Kapor started the Electronic Frontier Foundation one snowy afternoon in Barlow's kitchen in Pinedale, Wyoming, a tiny town west of the Wind River Range of the Tetons.

Bob Bralove KPFA 1/5/94 by David Gans (20 Kb)

The following is a transcript of Bob Bralove's appearance on KPFA January 5, 1994.

Rolling Stone Interview with Jerry Garcia 1972 (122 Kb)

This is the interview that Rolling Stone Magazine had with Jerry Garcia in 1972. It is taken from the book, "The Rolling Stone Interviews", that came out in 1980 or so. It is reproduced without permission, so if you have any negative attitude towards people reproducing copyrighted material, without the proper permission, then don't read it.

Jerry Garcia Interview WNEW 9/13/91 (20 Kb)

The following is the text of an interview with Jerry Garcia by Scott Muni of WNEW for Arista Records. I wrote the questions and Arista turned the intervinew into a disc that was sent to radio stations to promote the JGB live album.
MUNI: Let's talk about the band, the Jerry Garcia Band. There are some very familiar friends from the past, even back to the '60s, and some newies. So why don't we start with Kahn?

Jerry Garcia Interview in Magical Blend 1/94 (28 Kb) [Buy This Issue]

this interview appeared in Magical Blend - a 'new age' type of january 1994. if you have a problem with reading copyrighted material that doesnt have permission to be copied, then i would recommend that it probably would be better if you didnt read this....although you would be missing a pretty good interview with jerry....with a 'new age' flavor to it!

KPFK Interview with Dan Healy 5/5/90 (14 Kb)

The following is a transcript of an interview with Dan Healy on KPFK on May 5th, 1990, just prior to the first set of the show that day at the Cal State Dominguez Hills Soccer Field in Carson, California. There were two KPFK people speaking with Dan, one was at the station and another was with Dan at the board.

Dan Healy Interview by David Gans KPFA 2/27/91 (25 Kb)

Here is the transcript of the Dan Healy interview that was broadcast live on KPFA February 27 and distributed as Grateful Dead Hour #130.....
[the program opens with 2/19/91 New Speedway Boogie]
Gans: Dan Healy's with me here in the studio, and if you don't know who he is you haven't been to enough Dead concerts yet. He's the guy who makes all the sound come out the speakers out front...

Dan Healy Interview in abso!ute sound 1993 (36 Kb)

The following appeared in the_abso!ute_sound vol. 18 issue 89 Late Summer 1993:
Hi Fi in the Arena: The Concert Sound of the Grateful Dead
The other night I experienced the finest large-scale High-End audio system I have ever heard. It shattered my preconceived notions of what the state-of- the-art in High End sound reproduction is capable of.

Robert Hunter 1988 (32 Kb)

Robert Hunter interview
Copyright ©1988 by Mary Eisenhart. All rights reserved.
This interview was done around the time of the release of Liberty. . . . it probably presupposes a fair amount of familiarity with Hunter's work, for a couple of reasons.

Robert Hunter Interview Marin Independent Journal 5/14/91 (5 Kb)

A FATHER SURVIVES HIS GRIEF: Time heals pain for poet behind the Grateful Dead
By Paul Liberatore, IJ senior features writer
"I will get by. I will survive."
Robert Hunter wrote those lines in "Touch of Grey," the Grateful Dead's biggest hit. And sure enough, Hunter, the band's principal lyricist for the past 20 years, has survived.

Bill Kreutzmann Interview Reptiles Magazine (21 Kb)

The March issue of Reptiles Magazine contains an interview with Big Bill. I haven't seen anything about it here, so I thought I'd post it for all to see.
This interview has caused a stir on the rec.pets.herp board. As you will see, there isn't much reptile content.
An Interview With The Grateful Dead's Bill Kreutzmann
Story and Photos by Phillip Samuelson
Bill Kreutzmann has been a drummer for the Grateful Dead since 1965, when the band was known as the Warlocks. He has been along for the ride throughout the entire history of this unique, innovative group, and he shows no signs of letting up now.

Dick Latvala Interview DDN (6 Kb)

I haven't seen anyone mention this yet so I thought i'd post some parts of the interview with Dick Latvala (Dead Tape Vault Archivist) that is in the newest issue of Dupree's Diamond News. It provides some important information about some of these shows we are so interested in :-)

Dennis McNally Interview Unbroken Chain (23 Kb)

Here is an interview with Dennis McNally, the publicist for the Grateful Dead. It is in the latest issue of Unbroken Chain and has been copied without permission of course! Keep in mind that this interview was done before the Hampton Dead shows when you read the part about Hampton. I felt that it was an interesting interview and it also touched on the band and McNally's feelings on the ticketless people that show up at the venues the band plays. I hope you enjoy it. Any typo's are my fault!
Interview was conducted by Tim Ashbridge immediately prior to the JGB show at the Capitol Centre 11/07/91.

David Gans Interviews Don Pearson 1993 (51 Kb)

The following is the transcript of my interview with Don Pearson of Ultra Sound, recorded live on KPFA May 19, 1993. Don Pearson 5/19/93 live on KPFA with a special appearnce by Phil Lesh by David Gans
Gans: With me here in the studio, live, is Don Pearson, the owner of Ultra Sound and the guy whose hardware that is flying over the stage with all the Grateful Dead sound coming out of it. Hi, Don.

Vince Welnick Interview Memphis Flyer (14 Kb)

As part of our Grateful Dead coverage in the alternative weekly Memphis Flyer, we also interviewed Vince Welnick regarding Memphis, the band's life on tour, the comeback of Unbroken Chain, some other planned bust-outs that you'd probably be interested in, the words to Aiko Aiko, the teleprompters, and all sorts of other things.

M Magazine 2/92 (24 Kb)

Like a star collapsing on itself, the sixties counterculture has become focused around one band, the Grateful Dead, making it the most successfu] touring act in rock and roll.
Fred Goodman is a New York based writer who covers business and entertainment. So far he's been to six Grateful Dead shows.

Musician Magazine 10/81 (56 Kb)

by Vic Garbarini
This article is taken from MUSICIAN magazine......Number 36, October, 1981. It is presented for your perusal and reading pleasure. Please excuse any scanning errors that I may have missed. It obviously is dated....but it is worth the time spent. It has been copied without if you have any qualms about reading stuff like is the time to stop. It is long.....75K....but it deals with some good stuff that still rings true...even if it is almost 15 years old. Enjoy!

New Yorker 10/11/93 (29 Kb)

This article is reprinted without permission from the magazine NEW YORKER.....11 October 93. If you have problems with reading copyrighted material illegally presented....then perhaps it might be better to stop reading here....although you would miss a pretty mainstream/cerebral interview that is interesting.......
How did Jerry Garcia and the Grateful Dead become the top concert draw in America? For a start, they discovered the benefits of interactive rock long ago, and have kept up a dialogue with Deadheads everywhere eversince. And for Garcia, it's still all about having fun.

Gray Folded by David Gans (7 Kb)

Phil Lesh reminds us that Gray Folded is a John Oswald record, not a Grateful Dead record. John Oswald is a composer who often uses existing recordings as raw materials.
DG: Gray Folded seems to me as though you atomized Dark Star through the ages and broke it up into many, many, many small parts and then put them back together into a composite Dark Star, which in theory is exactly what I expected you to do, but in practice appears to have become sort of a homogenized Dark Star in a way, and has lost a lot of its contour.

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