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From: (Chris Roberts)
Subject: 8/21/93 Autzen Set List
Date: 22 Aug 1993 02:45:34 GMT

Whew!! What a day! Started out cloudy, then turned sunny and HOT! The Indigo Girls played a nice set, some sound problems to start out, beautiful stuff, opened with 'Achilles', sorry I don't have the list for that.

Set I

Stage/Stadium Here Comes Sunshine
Walkin' Blues
Lazy River Road
Queen Jane Approximately
Bird Song ->
Promised Land

Good set, but not exceptional. HCSunshine was nice, Queen Jane was sweet. Bird Song was about 14 minutes, with a rockin' Promised.

Set II

China Cat Sunflower ->
I Know You Rider
Long Way to Go Home
Truckin'* (Somewhere in here they were joined by a good harmonica, announced post-drums as Huey Lewis) ->
Good Mornin' Little School Girl* ->
Smokestack Lightning* (mind blown at this point) ->
Drums ->
Space* -> (maybe it was just me, but Jerry was playing something akin to a St. Stephen riff at the beginning of space)
The Last Time ->
Standing on the Moon (Jerry scorchingly hot at the end) ->
One More Saturday Night

I Fought the Law

*with Huey Lewis

Great 2nd set!! what can you say, the pre-drums really smoked!! I Fought the Law was fun, but is kinda short. Oh well, back for more tomorrow. It's fun walking over the Willamette River with lots of folks headed for a show!!

From: (Chris Roberts)
Subject: 8/22/93 Autzen setlist
Date: 23 Aug 1993 16:38:33 GMT


Set I

Jack Straw (Bobby's guitar broke down half way through the song, so there was an incredible extended jam w/o Bob)
Bertha (86 F, I danced so hard here thought I was having a heart attack)
Little Red Rooster
Phil Banner Broken Arrow
Tennessee Jed
Music Never Stopped

Set II

Help on the Way ->
Slipknot! ->
Franklin's Tower (21 minutes)
Samson and Delilah (OUCH!!)
Ship of Fools (Thankful for a slow song after 30 minutes of crazed dancing)
Corrina (nice Phil depth charges) ->
Drums (Mickey was playing with his Bones) ->
Space (Phil had his white Space-bass) ->
Wheel ->
I Need a Miracle ->
Days Between ->
Not Fade Away


Long second set--barely fit on a 110' tape, encore on set I tape. Indigo Girls repeated a number of songs, including Galileo, Chicken Man, but played a great set, including Watchtower, and they encored 'Come On, People Now, Smile on Each Other'. What a great weekend to be in Eugene!!! Huge 'Let Phil Sing' banner was held up in the crowd, enormous! Broken Arrow was very sweet--in fact, all the new tunes worked very well. The jam after Days Between was the best I've heard so far.

Look out, Shoreline!!! These guys are smokin'!!!

From: james@umbaluru (Corinne James)
Subject: Bobby's tantrum
Date: 23 Aug 1993 17:42:22 GMT

At the beginning of the Sunday show in Eugene (which was great), Bobby, in true bobby tantrum fashion took his guitar over to the side of the stage and proceeded to smash it (Picture him chopping wood with his guitar). This made for a very long version of Jack Straw. I've seen him lose his temper with equipment before, kick amps and monitors, but this was in another league. Does he smash his guitars often ? Doesn't this annoy whoever makes his guitars ? It looked like an Ibanez from a distance, but I admit I don't know who makes his guitars these days, it didn't really look like a custom-made job.


From: (Steve Biederman)
Subject: Bob, Bob, Bob!
Date: 23 Aug 1993 18:31:49 GMT

Sunday, Eugene, first song: Jack Straw. The boys take a LONG time tuning. Song begins. It's good. But Bob is unhappy with the black guitar. Song continues and it's still good. Bob is REAL unhappy. He's back at his rack. Eventually, he gives up and goes off behind Jerry. The rest of the band is still playing. Parrish helps him off with the black guitar and puts on the pink one. Bob says "wait a second", takes off the pink guitar, grabs the neck of the black one, swings it overhead, AND SMASHES IT AGAINST THE TRUNK! AGAIN!!!! A THIRD TIME!!! BOB IS BEATING THE SHIT OUT OF THE THING!!!!! Jerry is jamming the whole time.

He never actually broke it, and, goddam, it was back for the second set!!

Also, Jerry played the new guitar Saturday and the first set Sunday, but was back to the Saint for the second set.

I thought Saturday was extremely lame and Sunday was extremely good.



Subject: Bobby tantrum!!!
Date: Tue, 24 Aug 1993 17:39:21 GMT
|From: (Dario Wolfish)
|Subject: Weir getting pissed off
|Date: 23 Aug 93 23:31:00 GMT
|Reply-To: (Dario Wolfish)

|I was speaking to a few of my friends who went to Eugene, and they told
|me that Ace got pissed off during one of the shows and he grabbed his
|guitar by the neck and smashed it on the ground.
|Someone please post what happened. Sounds kind of weird.

We were just in front of the sound board a little to Phil's side and had a clear view of the tantrum. Jack Straw was the opener and after the first verse (or verses) Bobby starts fiddlin' with his rack of 'stuff' and Jer starts jammin'. Bobby leaves the stage but can still be seen clearly from our spot. He seemed to be taking the pink guitar off but stopped and picked up his black guitar and started swinging it over his head and smashing onto an equipment box at about waist level. I counted three good blows and he was obviously very angry!! The funny thing was that Garcia never even looked up! He had his head down, facing us and never stopped jamming though he surely knew Bobby was gone... Then Bobby goes back out on stage (with the pink guitar) and lays down a couple of cords but is still upset (with his monitor?). He storms off again and rips the ear plugs out, his tech strips off the pink guitar and all the wires and Bobby goes off out of view. Jerry is still jamming!! Then after maybe one minute or two Bobby reappears with his pink guitar strapped on, breezes onto the stage and almost immediately steps up to the mike to sing the last verse!! He was PISSED... But maybe he didn't really hit the equipment crate so hard because he did use the black guitar second set... But it was an impressive display!!! (Maybe they need to break out more Who songs!) Anyway, that's what I saw... anyone else?

From: (Kathryn Lawder)
Subject: Fuzzy in Eugene
Date: Sun, 22 Aug 1993 16:11:21 GMT

Saturday's show at Autzen stadium concluded with a brief and pointed rendition of "I Fought The Law and the Law Won".

The police presence in Eugene and surrounds was breathtaking. There were more cops per square inch than I've seen ANYWHERE in 25 years. Granted, this was the first non-CA venue I've ever attended, but to say Eugene was unprepared [and downright TERRIFIED] of the deadhead presence is not overstating it.

We made Eugene city limits by 12:50pm traveling south on I5. We made Autzen by 3pm, where there was no place to park and police barricades at all surrounding residential streets.

In answer to our polite question about where we might park, the police told us to drive up the road and out of the city limits and park on the Springfield, OR residential streets!

They also told us the busses were running for free and frequently.

We got in the door of the stadium at 3:45 in time to hear the last tune before the break.

After the show, we started walking in the direction of our car and walked all the way to our car without ever once seeing a bus go by.

We did see people being ticketed for walking with open containers; we saw civilian patrol trying to warn people as they came toward such goings on. We saw five or six dead vans pulled over along I5. We saw one man being hand-cuffed and removed from his vehicle.

The vibration of fear was very strong. . . and so surprising, since everyone I saw was being cool, polite, well-mannered.

Inside Autzen, it was business as usual and a great time, but the atmosphere in Eugene was disappointing and not the impression I would have liked to provide my daughters (9 and 12) who were attending for the first time (not counting the 12-year old's trip to Frost in 85). They were very disappointed to miss the Indigo Girls.

I sure hope Oregon will see more shows [Could it be the last time -- may be the last time, I don't know], but perhaps they could find some place where there is enough parking, where they can handle the traffic and that isn't so afraid of the whole scene.


From: (John Reed)
Subject: Re: Fuzzy in Eugene
Date: 24 Aug 1993 16:23:58 GMT

As always, there are different views of the same situations.

I was surprised at how little police involvement I saw in Eugene. I walked for miles during the weekend, and saw very few cops. I saw some cruisers, but I never even saw one stop to talk to/at a head. I spent lots of time walking the lot, and never saw a uniform. Maybe they were undercover in the lot, but they didn't seem to be having any effect on the amount of stuff for sale. The Lot

Everything was for sale in the parking lot / campground. Name your poison. I heard some complaints from security about the fireworks in the camping areas, but that was about it. Exactly how many people were arrested?

We parked in one of the fringe lots. The police let cars stay in this lot all night for free. There were cars parked everywhere and tents and sleeping bags in every nook and cranny. If they wanted to hassle tourists, they could have collected thousands in parking tickets and towing fees. The only reason to pay the $30 for camping was for the right to be in the party lot.

Some of the others in our group expressed surprise at how mellow the whole scene was and how nice we were being treated by the authorities. It almost seems as if they had a hands-off directive from the top. I'll be back next year if they will have us. Eugene was a fun town to visit.

I just re-read the two previous posts. They seem to indicate people being hassled away from the venue. So, maybe the deal was if you are near the venue, hands off. But once you get away from the venue....


From: eris@tc.fluke.COM (Chris Beckmeyer)
Subject: Re: Dead @ Eugne
Date: 26 Aug 93 21:55:16 GMT

In article <> (christine.m.vanecek) writes:
>In article <1993Aug24.214541.13234@uvaarpa.Virginia.EDU> writes:
>>For those who did make the show and had a good time, please write the 
>>Eugene City Council and thank them for their hospitality.  Again, 
>>remember whether you like it or not -- the police were only there to 
>>enforce the law and not hassle us. (And as far as I saw there were no
>>major problems or hassles.) As a matter of fact, the police reported that
>>we were an "underwhelming" crowd!
>  How about posting the address for the Eugene City Council someone...
>  so we can express our gratitude, and ask them to let us come back!

i had a grate time in eugene as usual! to whoever got the bad vibes from the cops, sorry you felt that way. i thought they were super and did a fine job of being cool... i especially enjoyed one officer's remark as he was directing traffic (into entry 5 on centennial). with a smile on his face, he called to a pedestrian who was meandering down the road "yo! mr. shopping cart, would you please move it onto the sidewalk? thank you." and to a van leaving the lot near dark "would you please turn on your headlights? thank you and drive carefully. have a safe trip!" and one officer discussing the shows with someone and said "this is the first shows i've missed since i've lived here."

this was my third show trip to eugene and the cops i've encountered have always been mellow. based on my ideas of a good time and actions accordingly, i figure you have to be doing something pretty outrageous to get busted at or in the vicinity of a dead show in eugene.

so, could someone email me (or post if you think anybody's interested) the address of the eugene PD? i'd like to thank them for a job well done, too.


chrisb who-seriously-wishes-shoreline-would-allow-camping-to-help-improve- that-godawful-neighborhood-its-in

From: Emil Petruncio <7039P@navpgs.bitnet>
Subject: Outstanding time at Autzen
Reply-To: 7039P@navpgs.bitnet
Date: Mon, 23 Aug 1993 17:53:52 GMT

Drove up from the Monterey peninsula Friday night, saw the Cascades for the first time (and definitely not the last!), and made it down to the stadium field with about a 1/2 hour to spare before the Indigo Girls set on Saturday. We were right behind the tapers, and the sound was superb. Just a tad loud at times during the first set for my ears, but perfect during the second. Here Comes Sunshine began with very nice acapella harmonies. Heard my first Lazy River Road, and that song alone will be reason enough to pick up their next studio album. Kick ass blues in the second set... way to go, Huey. The transitions between Last Time, SOTM, and Saturday Night seemed a bit awkward, but the performance of each of the tunes more than made up for the transitions. I guess the drive through the Cascades, my good fortune in stumbling upon a parking spot, the beautiful singing of the Indigo Girls, the clear blue skies above Eugene, the bluesy second set, and last but not least the good company of my wife Angela (her third, and "best" show), my crazy brother Mark (who endured bad traffic outside of Seattle and a canceled room reservation in Eugene), and his buddy Mike-the-entomologist, all contributed to making this show a classic. I'll trade my '88 mustang, 3 home-grown zucchinis, and a nice day-glow orange Microsoft University ballcap for a tape of the Saturday show. Enough rambling... time to check for some posts about the Sunday show.


From: (Daniel Golletz)
Subject: Random Recollections from Autzen
Date: 24 Aug 1993 05:17:24 GMT

Just got back from a wonderful weekend in Eugene. This was probably my best dead weekend so far. Everything was flowing so right. It was like synchronicity. Starting with the weather. All the way down from Seattle it was cloudy and cool (I understand it stayed that way up here all weekend, too...ha!). Just in time for the show on Saturday, the clouds parted and the sun shone through. It was a gorgeous 85ish degree day, without a cloud in the sky and enough breeze to keep it comfortable. The music was fine and the people were grooving. Thankfully we brought some sunscreen, though I still got burned in a couple places. That wacky Pacific Northwest weather threw another curve ball, but this one was a home run. I don't think I've ever appreciated plain old water more than I did this weekend. I guess part of it was being around so many folks who believe so strongly in stepping lightly on the earth. It was hot and the shows were long, but the water was plentiful and everyone was sharing. I really appreciate those people who brought spray bottles and super-soakers. I'll have to remember that next time. There was a really terrific spirit of community in the air. Everyone seemed really together. I really enjoyed the drums jams that went on during the breaks. There were some really intense marshmellow fights going on near me that were totally hysterical to watch. People were being very cool. I didn't hear of any trouble. The people of Eugene couldn't have been nicer, and actually seemed to enjoy having us there. All of the press, the local newspapers and t.v., just gushed over how well things went and by Sunday night were already talking about "next year's shows." Good job folks!

How long has Phil be doing "Broken Arrow" ? I just love that song, and he did a great job with it. I noticed an article on this network from a few weeks back from someone asking about Robbie Robertson. Well, that's his song, although now I suppose it's Phil's song, too! Sunday's show was especially great for me. We were sitting in the endzone stands. The sound was great and there was room to move. The band played so many favorites, I can't list them all, but the help-slip-franklin's was obviously a highlight. Was it like magic or what when the clouds started rolling in just as the show was coming to a close? Jerry was singing "Days Between" and the sun was setting just over the horizon, which I could see from my spot in the endzone. Fantastic! I really hated to leave, and now I'm sitting back here in Seattle where it's cloudy, wet, and about 50 degrees desperately trying to stave off the inevitable post-show blues. What a great weekend. Well, I just wanted to share some of my experiences, and I'd love to hear about yours, so post-away! Thanks to the band and everybody there. I'm really looking forward to next year. Gratefully, Dan G.

From: (Beth Dyer)
Subject: Eugene
Date: 24 Aug 1993 18:09:38 GMT

This weekend was sweet! Despite the looonnng ride north from Santa Cruz (and my horribly tweaked neck that resulted from sitting all those hours), the folks camped next to us who [loudly] didn't sleep on Friday night, and the traffic jam from hell getting to the lot, Saturday's show and excellent weather made the trip all worth it. I'd not seen Here Comes Sunshine, and Saturday was the perfect time. I love the blues, and that 2nd set was excellent. (My neck felt much, much, much better after some massage, courtesy of my s.o., during Birdsong, and it was completely better by the time Truckin' rolled around. ;-) )

I always hope for a show heavy on the blues, and I couldn't have been happier with the pre-drums. I called the Smokestack, but between Truckin' and Schoolgirl. Once they started the riff to Schoolgirl, I let loose a scream (sorry if tapers were within earshot)... no going back now, Boyz, gotta play that thang! And play it they did. :-) :-) :-) Then came the jam into Smokestack and I thought I just mighta died and gone to heaven. Oh, man! a sleazy dancer's dream!!! Thanks for your contribution, Huey! Anyone who wasn't happy with this show, let it be known that I got such good smileage out of it, that it made up for your less-than-thrilled state. ;-)

After the show, we cruised out to the lot and hooked up with our good friend Eric, and jammed out on the drums for a while just after dark. We weren't right in the middle of the major scene, but that's ok. The guy juggling flaming clubs who joined us wouldn't have been welcome there. ... he also breathed fire!!! Anyway, if you saw two djembe players, one male and one female, accompanied by a junjun player (plus assorted others on doumbek, etc.) in B lot, that was us.

We stayed out at Dexter Shores, thanks to the poster who turned us on to this place, which was about 20-30 minutes from Autzen. It was a relatively decent place with a lake nearby. I could've done with different neighbors, since we got the guy with the most cutting voice (who never slept) right next to us... doing "hippie crack" as he was so fond of saying 'til nearly dawn. Even he had a bright side, however, as I scored a nice hot shower at 2:30 Sunday morning after he awoke me for zillionth time. ;-)

Sunday was a great day as well. We left a bit earlier and had no trouble with traffic. They did insist on parking us as far away from Eric & Co. as they could, but we managed anyway. Mostly, we spent the morning cowering in the shade 'til there was too little left to cower in, so we went inside as the Indigo Girls came on and we cowered some more. Their music is nice, but the heat and sun definitely put a damper on my enjoyment of their set.

The Dead's show was wonderful, especially the Help-Slip-Franklin's, which reminded me of my first show at Merriweather, 6/27/84. This jammed!!!! as did the Samson... and Corinna. I was happy to see that the danceable groove was still happenin' in that song, as it had slowed somewhat the last time I saw it. Thankfully, Healy got the message to keep the electronic hocus pocus to a minimum during drums on both days. I do wish that The Days Between wasn't quite so heavy.... maybe a little baritone marimba from Mickey adding some color (nothing too flashy) would help. All in all, another excellent show ('tho I personally enjoyed Saturday more, due to the merciless sun... and of course, the blues... grin, grin, grin).

After the show, it was back to the lot. Once again, we grabbed the drums and headed for Eric's neck o' the woods. The walk was a lot longer, however, and the sun had drained lots of our energy anyway. We still managed to jam ... this time in C lot, with very few folks around. We were joined by a rad doumbek player and a guy who had just bought his first drum, both of whom could groove. We played shorter this time, but still managed to attract a few to shake their bones. C ya at Shoreline, groovesters!

OK, if you're still with me here, I've got a request. I'd love to get a crispy copy of Saturday's show, especially the second set. I'm ready to have my hair blasted back once again by the Dead blues breeze of 8/21/93. I can return the favor in a trade (lots o' Dead, ~325 tapes, and some non-Dead... Marley, Olatunji, Santana, etc.) or send blanks, your choice. There have got to be great tapes of this show, as it was broadcast on the radio in addition to the usual sea of mikes. Eventually, I'd like Sunday also, but Saturday is an urgent request. So, can anyone out there help me out???

Gratefully yours,


From: (Tom Peterson)
Subject: Re: kesey's twister (after the Sat Eugene show)
Date: Thu, 26 Aug 1993 23:18:52 GMT

Yes there was definitely a sunday broadcast. We listened to the Indigo Girls and the first Dead set in the parking lot. It was kinda strange because you here the lyrics on the radio, then what seems like seconds later you hear the sound coming over the stadium wall. Its like you know what Jerry's gonna sing before he does ( sure, we always know what Jerry's gonna sing before he does....But Bob doesn't ;^) Anyway for the 2nd set the wind changed direction so the sound blew right at us, we all turned off our radios and jammed in the lot. Dancin' and pickin' blackberries to Samson and Delilah and Help/Slipknot/Franklin's was incredible!!! We had more fun outside on sunday than inside on saturday.. Sat. was my wife's first show, she said she'd "seen God" on Sunday! We've got a new Deadhead in our ranks! I'll never have to convince her to go to a show again :)

Peace Tom Peterson

From: (John Reed)
Subject: another power driving catastrophe
Date: 24 Aug 1993 16:31:10 GMT

A group of bay area heads returning from the Eugene shows were killed when the driver fell asleep at the wheel. Young students. Four dead and 2 hurt. I don't have the details, but I may follow-up later.

I think they were all Santa Clara University students.

JR. --

JR (John Reed) 408-379-7000, x1417

From: (norma sax)
Subject: tragedy
Date: 24 Aug 1993 16:31:39 GMT

i read in the paper this morning that four young people driving back to california from the shows in eugene were in a one-vehicle accident and were killed. a very sad ending to a very wonderful weekend.


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